A Piece of Me

Somehow I know the lyrics…

How’s Your Day?

She turned around and saw him sitting besides her, reading a book. It was past noon. Or perhaps even later.


"Good morning. Or should I say good afternoon, sleepyhead." He rubbed her head but didn’t look up.

She snuggled back into the white sheets and peeked out.

Grey shirt, white sheets.

"So how’s your day?"

He finally looked up.

"Hmm…how’s my day." He slid himself under the sheets and turned to look at her.

"I was in the area, looking for a coffee place to get my daily dose of coffee. I walked into this quiet coffee place that has just opened for business. As I pushed open the door, I heard the door chime and the warm aromatic smell of coffee welcomed me. It was a rustic looking coffee place. I must have gotten lost in time."

"And you flipped the "Open" sign for them, didn’t you…" she giggled.

"Yeah I did." he smiled, looking up at the ceiling.

"I took a corner seat and there was noone else in the coffee place except for an old couple sitting right in the middle. Mid-70s. The old man was a little frail but happy looking. The old lady had ash white hair. I couldn’t help but look at her hands. They were wrinkled as if she had gone through a lot in life. Her hands were shaking as she tried to get the right amount of sugar into his coffee for him."

And then he stopped. He stared at her for a minute.

"Marry me."

"You’re crazy. All because of the old couple?"

"No. I just realized how much I want to tell you these little things every single day for the rest of my life."

This is how I want to fall asleep… (top)

This is how I really fall asleep… (bottom)

2046 Deleted Scene: The Android Visits the Writer
Last night I had a dream I was in hotel 20x25. The android in my story came to visit me. “Why did you make me this way,” she asked. “A prisoner unable to have other emotions.” “I don’t want to end like this,” she said. “I deserve a better ending. Help me. I beg you.” I was really sorry for her that I had no other choice than to promise to try.
Twisted Tale of Cinderella

Once upon a time, a girl called Cinderella had the chance to go to a ball. She wore her Jimmy Choo’s and had the luck to dance with a prince. When the clock struck twelve, she had no choice but to run away.

The prince picked up her beautiful shoe she left behind and swore to find her. And he did.

One day, Cinderella, being Cindy, was doing spring-cleaning at his house. She found her pair of shoes in his shoe cupboard.

"Chincha?!? You date me because of my shoes?"

"Of course. I swore that I’ll find the other to make it complete."

(You know you are going bonkers over a show when you get inspired to write a “fanfiction”. And also use the word “Chincha” in it.” xD)

Anything we have known

Anything we’ve forgotten

In the rain, in the dark we’ll lay

In your arms, in your arms I’ll stay

Lyrics (translated)

Dream lover, 

Holding you for a minute, kissing you for ten minutes


How did you enter my heart, creating so much excitement?

It seems that I have fallen for you before

I have never felt so close to you as now

My imagination has started to run wild

Why did you suddenly invade me, intruding my boring dreams

Evoking stirred emotions?

La La  La~

Dream lover, 

I am waiting this minute, to kiss you for thousands of minutes

Searching in my dream, 

I am waiting this minute, to create that excitement…that excitement.


I fear I am nothing.

But it is through nothing that something is being created.

The hidden truth can be found in the darkest skies.

The greatest realization can be found in our deepest self.

Dance Concept Video

The idea that popped up in the dimension between when i was asleep and awake.


Dance Concept Video

A dancer perfecting his dance, focusing on his reflection in the mirror. He collapses, feeling defeated, staring hard at his reflection (her).

The reflection (her) comes to life and crosses the mirror.

They start dancing side by side, synchronized.

The reflection starts dancing with the dancer, like intertwined flames.

Clock strikes midnight (duh). The reflection turns to leave, leaving the dancer devastated at the loss of happiness he longed for all day. The reflection crosses back to his spot.

He realises the meaning of dance.


Came upon this line

 It’s amazing how focused we become on feeling when the mirror is taken away.”

For dancers, I think it opens your mind on how dancing really is about expression.

For non-dancers, it breaks the mold of fixation on how we shouldn’t focus on the superficial, and how we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves to the point of perfection that we forget simple joy.