A Piece of Me

I got teary eyed after reading about Faye Wong and Nicholas Tse’s reunion.

The heart knows what the heart wants.

Life is A Constant

Make It Whole

I think that’s how the Yin Yang came about.

Pain and Control


We live in a world where we avoid pain.

But pain is the very thing that reminds us of how human we are.

Tears and blood are shed. And you learn to feel the same for someone when you see another man bleeding or going through the same grief you are facing.

But we learn take to drugs to numb their pain instead. Some people choose to drown their sorrows and pain in alcohol. It’s all temporary.

Drugs doesn’t remove depression. Alcohol doesn’t remove sorrow. They just numb you temporarily. The only thing you’ll learn is to be over reliant on them instead just because it’s an easy solution. With each time, you choose to numb yourself more and more. It becomes an addiction then substance/alcohol abuse. 

Overnumbing yourself creates a problem. It blocks out every single fear in you. It also blocks out the sense in you. While forgetting your pain through drugs and alcohol, it also makes you forget how to feel as a human being. That’s when things can go bad and overboard.

You can’t feel, so you do extreme things to compensate the lack of feeling.

You can’t feel, so you can’t tell when you are hurting someone.

You can’t feel, so you think punching someone doesn’t hurt.

You can’t feel, so you can’t tell your actions are out of control.

It is as if you have passed control of your mind to those drugs or alcohol.

Don’t lose control of yourself. Regain control. You are the only one who can do it. Someone else can’t do it for you.

Numbing for a short term span for healing purposes is fine but turning to drugs/alcohol everytime there’s a problem doesn’t solve the problem. It creates many hidden problems in our society today that we can’t seem to notice. Rashness in decision making, recklessness in driving or when holding a weapon, unfeelingness in treating of people

It snowballs to something bigger. Self-entitlement, war, violence, discrimination.

You’ll know when you see the world spiraling out of control and they can’t see the trouble they are causing.

I Have Nothing to Wear…

Low blood pressure makes me feel all weird. Like I live in a bubble. And so are my thoughts.

While having a disastrous “I have nothing to wear” moment with my closet and then proceeding to make a mess out of the closet I’ve partially tided up, I realized it would be awesome…

to have a dispenser machine as a closet instead.

When you want a piece of clothing, you don’t have to rummage through everything to find it. You just need to punch a number.

There will be a viewer to browse through clothes in your closet (which you have to manually upload photos of) and then you just have to punch in the number of the piece you want.

After punching the number, the rolled up clothing (in a capsule) will drop down, pass through a steamer in the back and come out freshly ironed/steamed.

You can try it on and perhaps hate it or love it. Then add a label to the piece of clothing through the viewer like #ilooklikeapotatosackinthis or #tummyunfriendly or #toosmall.

If you hate it, you can dump it back into the collector bin at the side. The clothes go to the back where it gets rolled up properly and put back into its capsule in the dispenser machine.

If you like it and don’t know what to pair it with or have something specific in mind, you go back to the viewer and look under “bottoms” and colour labels to speed up the browsing process. 

A lot of time is saved from not rummaging the closet.

But that’s not all.

When it comes time to review and cleanout  the closet, you don’t have to take out everything. You just need to go through the labels with #ilooklikeapotatosackinthis, #ineedtosuckmytummytofitinthis  and then purge those.

The best part of this is the feedback process as you browse the closet. When you’re done with an outfit, you can tick “yes” to mark it as the selected outfit for that day. The outfit combination is saved through the clothing number. Add another outfit label like #flirty or #ifeelblahtoday. When you run out of ideas for what to wear during date nights or special events, you can browse through those outfit labels to look at the combinations put together for previous outfits.

Of course, there will also be a “Most worn” pieces section so you can keep track of the number of times you’ve worn a certain piece. To perhaps remind you that you are wearing your favourite piece a little too much and to show some love to the rest. Clothes untouched for a year will get purged out during the cleanout too.

Because this isn’t crazy enough, I think it would be nice to:

  • Have a scanner system too so that you don’t have to manually take photos and upload. Preferably it also records down the fabric, size, brand on its own.
  • Connect it to your instagram or facebook too so that those photos with outfits (that you would like to be added into the browsing library) can be tagged with the clothing number and saved in the dispenser machine’s computer. 
  • When you are out shopping, you can also access your dispenser machine’s computer to check if you have something similar or whether you have suitable bottoms to match it. Money saved from not buying impulsively.
  • Have a purge button where you can get multiple capsules at one go with or without capsules.
  • Have themed lists for specific interests or trips. For instance, if you travel a lot and need to pack, there would be a “Travel Staples” list. And then you can tick it and hit the purge button to retrieve those at one go for quick packing.
  • When you are moving house, you can move the dispenser machine (which can be separated from the steamer and bin and scanner) and detach the viewer (computer) from it. If the machine with capsules is too heavy, dispense all the capsules and move them separately. At the new place, assemble the whole system again and add back the capsules which are barcoded with the numbers.

Instead of having a walk-in wardrobe system where you can see everything and still not know what to wear, why not have one ugly as fuck dispenser machine where you have to view everything through a viewer but speeds up the rummaging/thought/browsing process and recommends based on past personal preferences? Or perhaps if you are really bad at coordinating outfits, you can get someone to key in several combinations for you to dispense.

Why did the “wardrobe specialists” never think of it? This is the real “personalized” wardrobe system aka “effective working” wardrobe since the more you use it, the more personalized it gets.

Maybe I should patent this.

Presenting to you the Next Generation Capsule Wardrobe Dispenser Machine…

You know you want it.

Imagine how it feels like to be staring down onto Mother Earth, watching as rockets fly across and explode in each other’s lands.

Imagine looking down as men try to destroy and kill each other.

Imagine that sense of helplessness and not being able to do anything.

And you ask yourself what it is all for…

The price of ego. Is it really worth it all?

You pay too much attention to our differences. And none for our similarities. 

Zoom out and you will see… what you have forgotten.

We are all the same.

We are all human beings.

We are human beings who used to love each other and our planet but have now forgotten how to due to our differences.

It’s not too late to realize…

I Have To Buy New Shoes (2012)

Finally watched a Japanese movie and this is so good.

"I Have to Buy New Shoes", written and directed by Eriko Kitagawa. She’s the screenwriter behind classic Japanese dramas like Long Vacation, Over Time, Beautiful Life.


He lost his way. She found him.

She lost her loved one. She learnt to open up to him.

He lost his passion. He learnt to reignite his passion through her.

I have to buy new shoes.

The mentality that you need to fix everything on your own.

The joy you derive when a sweet stranger offers to fix it for you, and then buys you a new pair.

You learn you don’t have to be so hard on yourself anymore.

And that sharing with someone can be more fruitful than you think.

I had a vision of the Germany team in white holding the World Cup trophy for the longest while.

And then it happens…

And then it happens….

I knew it would be you.

At my crumbling moment, I realized…
The One has an interesting way of letting you know of his presence.
I was number 1111, served at counter 11.
And then things went smoothly from there…

A moment of Oneness, a sign of a new beginning…

At my crumbling moment, I realized…

The One has an interesting way of letting you know of his presence.

I was number 1111, served at counter 11.

And then things went smoothly from there…

A moment of Oneness, a sign of a new beginning…